Once inside the pissage tanks, maceration takes place before, during and after fermentation. There are pistons in place which maintain a cold temperature uniformly throughout the tank. Criomaceration is achieved by adding dry ice to the tank.

Proceso de criomaceración en Bodegas Regalía de Ollauri - La Rioja

With deposits pissage, maceration occurs before, during and after fermentation, because the cold is kept uniform throughout the mass of the deposit criomaceration. This technique involves the injection of dry ice before and during entry of grapes in the tank. Thus our fermentation process follows these steps:

  1. Application of dry ice in the empty tank.
  2. Entry of grapes in the tank.
  3. Refrigeration sheet.
  4. Lowen temperature at 5ºC - 7ºC inside the tanks.
  5. Low temperature fermentation.
  6. Pissage system.


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